November 28, 2009

Lyrics Wiki

I'm trying out a new way to collaborate - to invite everyone to edit and correct lyrics. If you are a music lover, you probably find it common to see mistakes in lyrics downloaded from lyrics websites like AZLyrics. Though some websites are nice enough to let you send them messages making corrections to these lyrics; the problem is, 1) it is not handy enough to have to write an email to make a small correction to a lyrics (sometimes just a misspelling), and 2) mostly such corrections are made on-the-go when you are singing along with the lyrics; and after the song, you've probably forgot where and what you have corrected.

I have found a few websites, like Lyriki, that facilitates such collaboration; but most of them does not work very well for this and that reasons. The solution I found is using Google Docs to realize such collaboration. As a demonstration, I've uploaded the lyrics of Eminem's Beautiful to Docs letting everyone on the Internet to view and edit. You may choose to use the viewer mode where you can read and print the document; also, you can follow the link at the end of the page to edit the lyrics even without signing in! You are welcome to make big or small corrections while you sing along. The lyrics is right here.

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