February 2, 2009

Change of name of this blog

The name of this blog will change to Hanrizon, which is (apparently) a blend of my name Han and the word horizon. I would like to thank Bernice, my schoolmate and good friend, for making this suggestion, and all others who helped me come to this decision. The address (URL) of this blog will also be changed to hanrizon.blogspot.com accordingly.


  1. Congratulations for this great name and just keep your writing going.
    Every time you switch, I follow up by subscribing your feed and hence I have already had five subscriptions of your blogs, this one included: thechaos.blogbus.com; f-jing.blogspot.com; hi.baidu.com/fjing; fangjing.iblog.com. Which ones should I keep following up and which are expected to be removed?

  2. All are ceased from updating except this one and the Blogbus one. Thank you.

  3. You sure like to switch around. I thought you didn't like them "monitoring" your activities. What changed? How come you decided to move back to blogspot?

  4. Well...maybe you are right in saying I don't like people to "monitor" me (however I still welcome all to subscribe to my blog...).

    Little have changed regarding to the past, but I'll probably post things quite different in the future, as I am now an economics major aiming at pursuing an academic life, not a youth wandering around in the ocean of art and philosophy and literature any more.

    The major turning point that made me move back was the unblocking of all Blogspot sites in China. And of course Blogger is my favorite blogging service, for its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive functions.