September 20, 2010

The Christian Sin

One concept that I cannot understand in the Christian teaching is that, if man are after all sinful, how come they can be created by God, who is perfect and almighty? According to my understanding of perfection, if something imperfect or even unpleasant can be derived from some other thing, this latter being must be flawed and definitely not perfect to produce such a faulty creation.

This is also where I like about Daoism. Dao respects the natural state of things. There is nothing as perfection in Daoism – anything proclaimed to be “perfection” must be flawed viewed from another angle, put another way, perfection by itself will always turn into inadequacy. Human beings are a byproduct and part of Nature; they inherently come to this world, without restraints as they are in accordance with Dao. They default but they are not considered sinful because of this as it is only an innate occurrence in Nature.

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  1. You see, we ignored G-d when He tried to warn us against listening to Satan, eating the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (some call it the Tree of Life) and becoming like Satan- fallen, evil creatures in need of redemption. That is, after we blamed God for our sin, we fell for sure; He might have done something different rather than disciplining us for our sin had Adam and Eve not blamed God and one another for their sins, per Genesis 1-3, especially Genesis 3.

    The difference,however, is that humankind can be redeemed and Satan cannot since Satan never accepted G-d's forgiveness and didn't want to to begin with. After all, he tried to make himself G-d; we were duped into believing we could be more like G-d than we already were. Therefore, we have to look to Jesus, G-d Himself, to take on our sin and He already did by dying on the Cross for us and coming back to Earth in His resurrected form three days later. Try the Gospel of John for starters. G-d Bless and good luck.

    G-d Bless, Michelle