December 4, 2007

Why do I choose Gmail?

- The greatest spam filtering I have ever seen in the ten plus years of my web mail usage history.

- Equipped with either Google Notifier or Google Talk (which works like Windows Live

Messenger, and even better, without any advertisement), you never need to check your inbox. Whenever there is a new mail, you will be notified in time - what's even better, you don't need to bind your mobile phone to use this function!

- With the best mail search, you never need to remember where did you store your mail or when was the mail sent to find a mail. Everyone knows Google is the greatest search engine; why not equip your mailbox with one that's as powerful?

- A great storage. It seems to me that the storage of Gmail increases according to your need. When I first registered, it was about 2GB, but now, it has been upgraded to 5443 MB now (actually I’ve only used up a fourth of its capacity)! And you can also apply to upgrade your storage if you think it is needed (but you hardly ever need to – it’s an automated upgrading system).

- You can chat within your mailbox! No need to install a separate instant messenger client anymore! Of course you can still have one for free – try Google Talk.

- There's more than you would expect! And it's specially designed with functions that meet many advanced users' needs!

Watch this promotional video if you want to.

See more of what’s special about Gmail, click

I promote Gmail totally voluntarily, and I will not benefit from successful promotion, except there are more friends that share the same privilege of using the best free email service, and the advantage of easier communication.

If you are interested, there are also other Google free services which I found surpasses other competitors. And there’s much more still for us to explore!


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  1. although i had already registered a gmail account before i read your "promotion", i will definitely say it was you who persuaded me of getting a gmail account~ (fleeting English)