December 29, 2007

Subway Line 5

Today I went to the Zoo with Brinley. When going back home, I deliberately took Line 5, as I had not tried it yet although I had already been back to Beijing for 2 weeks. I expected nothing other than what Line 13 had, but it surprised me. It’s much like what we have in Hong Kong – automatic doors separating the train and the platform, signal lights that show the station where the train is, elevators for passengers with bulky items; even the different kinds of notice boards were really similar. No wonder it was said that the Line 4 was co-constructed by MTR Corporation. Still there had been even more than what they have in Hong Kong, marked are: LCD screens that shows what the current/next station is, signal lights beside every automatic doors that shows the doors are to be opened. I spared some attention to the English translation of on-board broadcasting and notice boards, and they were fine as far as I know. Overall, Subway Line 5 impressed me.

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