December 20, 2007

How to learn a second language

After years there are still people keeping asking me how to learn English well. Most of them are students who have been learning English for years, but they are still not confidence enough with their own learning methods under continuous development for years. The reason they wonder is their unsatisfactory English grades and the overwhelming of the idea of cracking the exams without learning hard.

I’ve been learning English for 13 years – This is quite a long time for a Chinese college student at the age of 18. And what I want to tell them after this long time of learning is that, when it comes to language study, time speaks. Although developing a smart learning style is as or even more important, the defect of nowadays English learners is not a methods problem. It’s just that they are not spending enough time on this.

Years ago I wrote an essay discussing this same topic, and my point has not changed. Language learning is hard labor. And you have to hold it on.


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