December 4, 2007

My fully customized Firefox browser

This is just my fully customized Firefox interface! It's enhanced with the Vista-Aero theme, and I changed the layout of the bars and buttons. A spitting image of IE7 isn't it?

Actually the VA theme is not only a "look", but it enhances the usability of the interface and makes it more user-friendly. It equips the tabs bar with buttons, which shortens the distance from your mouse pointer on the web page to the button you want to click. Like IE7, the buttons on the right hand side of the tabs bar is composite.

On the status bar, there are also features to discover! On the left there is a "Find in this page" button. This function is really frequently used, at least for me, and with Firefox' "Find in this page" bar, it's really convenient to search for anything you want in a page. On the right corner, there's a zoomer. Although it is not of much use to me, still such application of space on bars that almost have to be shown is a inventive and effective approach.


1 comment:

  1. Hehe~ What a wonderful work you've done~~
    I've began my FireFox travel just now~~