July 6, 2010

Firefox 4 beta 1

I tried the new beta of Firefox 4.0. Dramatic changes has been made to the appearance, most significantly, that the menu bar is eventually replace with a button.

Firefox 4 beta 1

I suggest these possible improvements:

  1. To save space, the Firefox button should be elevated to the same latitude as the tab bar, either place on the left or right;
  2. Where are the “minimize”, “maximize”, and “exit” buttons? Whatever buttons can be disposed of but definitely not any of these;
  3. The status bar at the bottom is not that useful and there should be an option to hide it.

New finding: The location bar of Firefox now also supports search, i.e. type your keywords there and you’re ready to go, just like in Chrome. I don’t know when Firefox added this feature (probably long ago just that I didn’t know) but it’s definitely important and useful.

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