February 2, 2009

Change of name of this blog

The name of this blog will change to Hanrizon, which is (apparently) a blend of my name Han and the word horizon. I would like to thank Bernice, my schoolmate and good friend, for making this suggestion, and all others who helped me come to this decision. The address (URL) of this blog will also be changed to hanrizon.blogspot.com accordingly.

Benefits of the piano

There are two sets of piano on the first floor of our hall residence for students to practice (and enjoy life). Of course for pianists this would be a generous offer and valuable service. But for me, who failed three attempts to learn musical instruments before eventually admitting my lack-of-gift in instrumental music, the pianos seem useless.


Yesterday I resumed my GRE vocabulary learning plan and began to learn a brand new word list for the first time in months. Instead of studying in my room as usual, I chose an empty common room on the first floor next to a room where a piano lies. Vocabulary learning is boring and grinding in nature. However, yesterday I had all the work done with efficiency and relaxation. Very few words took me a second time to remember.


During the hours I spent learning vocabulary in that room, there was a student playing piano next door. She was practicing Pachelbel’s Canon and Gigue in D, one of my favorite classical music pieces. Although she was still not skilled in this particular piece, the elegant music did spice up my tough hours. After I finished my work, I decide that I should say thank-you to her and give her some compliment. When I was about to knock at the door, I noticed how enchanted she was into her music. I silently slipped away.


The pianos are not totally useless to me after all. There are positive externalities in making this piano a common resource.


By the way, should you be the girl who was playing piano that day (February 1, 2009), I sent you my appreciation, and please leave your contacts if you are glad to do so.

Photo by regolare