June 16, 2009

Of Blogging

Years ago in High School, having registered a dozen blogs at different service providers to test their performances, I started my first frequently updated blog. Back then, I did not believe in the idea of blog as web log. Instead, I managed the blog as an anthology - mostly posting answers to writing assignments at school and some other leisure-time essays.

After learning about philosophy during the Eton College Summer Course, I devoted much of my articles to the subject, especially epistemology. I thought ordinary people knew little about what the world was really like; therefore I wrote to spread the “truth” to my audience. Once a kid who hated writing assignments, I discovered a bottomless fountain of writing ideas.

I thought about the meaning of existence in this world. Mortal life lasts no more than a dozen decades, and then whatever can I leave to the world behind me? What would happen after my death? My children will remember me, maybe so will my grandchildren. How about the offsprings following after? A hundred years after my departure, will anyone in the world still hear of me at all? If not, what difference can I make to this world?

It came to me that the way to make my life worthy is to make a difference that endures. One way to achieve this is by writing. People die, but good books and essays survive generations and ages. That’s when I truly discovered my reason and passion for writing. Among all courses, by now, I enjoyed the Chinese language most, and I craved for writing assignments. I didn’t believe writing for oneself – it seemed a waste of time spending hours writing for only one person (especially when the person was the author and thus already knows the idea). And after I discovered the Creative Commons license, I adopted it for my works – hoping to serve my initial purpose for blogging, which was to let people know more about the reality.

After matriculation into college, I also used my blog as a personal bulletin board, posting news about my life and commenting on events happening around me and my friends, as a way to communicate with people in my circles. This was especial useful (and potentially risky) during my presidential election campaign for the Association of Hong Kong and Mainland Youths.

Earlier this year, I reestablished this Blogger blog (originally founded in 2007) and renamed it Hanrizon, a blend of my name and the word "horizon". In naming this way, I hoped this blog would not be limited to any particular topic or purpose, but everything I wanted to express and let either the public or my friends to know about. With intention to make information available to the greatest audience, I published this blog in English. Up till now, the posts consist of my perceptions on current issues, some of my essays originally written elsewhere, and proses in general.

I do not know where my blog will be heading to in the future. But I enjoy writing, and sharing, and that is why I blog.

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  1. Believe me, you are not writing for only one person.
    I am watching your place.