April 27, 2009

Use Proxy to Download Free Music

To further my post on March 30 about free music download from Google available in China, I now introduce you to a method to access these free clips using a proxy server when you are outside of China, smartly suggested by Nelson. Here is a blog post about how to set it up, and I would not repeat it. I tried with IP address (port 8080), and it worked out quite well.

Something worth noting are that you have to use a server located in China, and you also need to know Chinese to read the Google China website (I don't know whether Google Translate works well here). One last thing: Don't expect this download to be speedy.

If you would like to investigate more on how to find http/ftp music download, also watch this video on YouTube.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your tips!
    I use at port 8080 and it works quite fast, you may try that later on :)